My approach to therapy is based on my conviction that we all have intrinsic knowledge of how to heal and grow whole in our particular circumstances. Sometimes, however, in order to hear our own directions amidst our super-speedy, distracted, disconnected world, we need to find a safe place to be reminded of this healing knowledge and to listen for the specific wisdom that it brings. Therapy is one such place. 

Therapy is a place to hear your own voice through someone else's listening attention, a place to explore creative angles on your familiar struggles that might unlock a hidden connection or way through to more of yourself (maybe like doing a puzzle together without the picture on the box, or learning a kind of inner-sky astral navigation so that you can (re)place yourself in Your Life). Part treasure hunt, part warm cup of tea in a big storm, part quiet of a new snow morning, part placing your feet on supportive ground, part dancing with truly-not-knowing, sometimes holding tight to a thread of trust through an underground labyrinth, being humble, becoming real, moments of sunrise clarity spilling into your horizon-- therapy is an adventure, one way of being on The Adventure.

I love inviting people into this place that is also a way. I have seen, time and again, the particular, detailed, totally unique genius of a person finding their wholeness, and I have deep down, bedrock faith in the process.